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The history of  Charitable Foundation “Pchelka” (Small Bee) is rich and complex. In summer 2003 coming back home after holidays in the train,  I was inspired with  idea to create a newspaper for children. It should has been  a newspaper that was able to  join children and their parents; that could bring comfort, coziness and kind old traditions in the families. I had no idea how to do it, but I knew that target and great desire can try to square the circle. In fact, the newspaper named “Pchelka” was registered in December 2003,  and the first edition of 8 pages was printed in March 2004.

We got lots of positive reviews and letters with words of thanks from children.  And it has encouraged me to create the new ideas to make the newspaper more interesting.  As a result of  cooperation with our young readers and their parents  the number of the pages of newspaper “Pchelka” was increased 3 times just eight months later. 

It was a big success for us to get to know that our newspaper becomes well known not only in Odessa Region, but also thought Ukraine. So we  came to decision that we need to find the ways to give  opportunities Ukrainian children to read our newspaper. Therefore “Pchelka” was registered as a national Ukrainian magazine for children. Work was in a full swing.

I have met many energetic and enthusiastic people with whom I could share all my thoughts and ideas regarding the future of newspaper. We began arranging some shows for children, visiting children shelters and orphanages, supporting children and single old people that need help of others. While we were involved with these activities we came to  idea to set up the charitable foundation with the similar name.  

The Pchelka Charitable Foundation was established in February 2008 to be the principal umbrella for all of Pchelka's charitable activities. The Pchelka Charitable Foundation is dedicated to supporting the health, safety and well-being of children in our city.

The Foundation provides access to  health care for children that have a serious illness,  and supports innovative programs focused on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of childhood illness. 

We cannot change the fact that a child has a serious illness, but we can support sharing our joy and smiles. By this purpose, we provide artist shows for children that have treatment at Odessa Oblast Hospital in Hematologic Department (3, Academic Vorobyev str., Odessa , Ukraine).

The Foundation participates in the life of the city, finds overseas partner relationships with the goal of expanding our organization through increased number of volunteers and donors.

The Foundation works closely with local communities and City Council to identify programs, and by directly targeting local needs it is able to make a real and sustainable difference. Since June 2009 the Foundation is  a member of the Committee of Charitable and Public organizations coordinated by major of Odessa.

Years of the Foundation working have been packed with good news and activity.

The Foundation was involved in Ukrainian project “Get healthy, kid!” since November 2010.  Young Odessians and volunteers participated in this project together. They have made and collected gifts for children that have serious illness. 

Since  January 2011 volunteers of the Foundation started providing three long-term projects as far: “Get a toy for courage”, “Funny Doctor”, “Cooking on Fridays”.

We provide teacher’s activity on daily base for children that get treatment at Hematology Department since 1st of August 2011.

Since October 2011 the Foundation has been helping to purchase the testing system to diagnose different kinds of infection and bacteria for Blood Transfusion Odessa Region Clinic  (2, Biscuit Lane, Odessa).

Since April 2012 the Foundation helps in purchasing medicines and equipment for the Burn Department of Odessa Region Medical Centre (1, Sudostroitelnaya str., Odessa) and the CardioSurgery  Department of Odessa Region Children Clinic (3, Vorobyeva str., Odessa).

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