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Players of FC «Chernomorets» visiting children !

12 May

Courageous, intrepid, kind and candid, our patient little soldiers and our little friends, for the sake of your smiles we do our best to organize interesting meetings. Today's meeting was particularly exciting, as we tried to keep our secret as long as possible to make you a surprise. Indeed, we succeed in doing so!

Today, Pavel Kutas, Kirill Kovalchuk, Dmitri Bezotosnii, Pavel Rebenuk, Eugene Patz and Anatolii Didenko visited children and their parents at our department. Yes, its not a misprint - they are the players of the main team of Chernomorets football club. The emotions of the children were ineffable.   

We want to express gratefulness to the football players and their wives for personal involvement and gifts:  scarfs, charms and magnets, branded with Chernomorets symbolics, as well as lots of treats, art tools and, of course, photo session and autographs. Moreover, football players donated 13400.00 UAH for medications.

We've already partly spent the donation on the necessary medicaments for children: 720 vials of Sodium chloride 0.9% 200ml and 200ml Glucose 5%; 300 vials of Sodium chloride 0.9% 400ml and Glucose 5% 400 ml. Despite each single vial costs between 5 and 8 UAH, they are extremely demanded. Total cost of these medicines is 13000.20 UAH.

Additionally, we want to say thank you for the photos to our good friend Petro Sinkevich! Soon, football players of Chernomorets will sign these photos for the children.

Our brave and courageous. Our kind and sincere - patient soldiers, our little friends! For the sake of your smiles, we try to invent and organize interesting meetings. Today's meeting was in a special thrill because Until recently, we tried to keep secret - to surprise you. And he turned out! 

Today in our office, to visit the kids and their parents came Pavel Kutas, Kirill Kovalchuk, Dmitry Bezotosniy, Paul Child, Eugene Past, Anatoliy Didenko. Yes, it's not a typo and you're not wrong - it's the players of team "Chernomorets". Not express in words the emotions experienced by both children and their mothers and fathers, and all of us. 

Many thanks to the players and their wives for private participation and gifts: branded scarves, magnets, key chains, many treats, items for creativity and, of course, a photo shoot and autographs. And the treatment of children handed players 13,400.00 hryvnia. 

Part of the money we have already spent on the necessary medicines for all children: Sodium chloride 0.9% 200ml and 200ml Glucose 5% to 720 vials: Sodium chloride 0.9% 400ml Glucose 5% and 400 ml of 300 vials. It's kind and does not cost a lot of money from 5 to 8 hryvnia per bottle, but "flies" in the day, a large amount. The total amount of these drugs - 13000.20 hryvnia. You're a little more money in the near future and spend them. 

Still want to say thank you for the pictures of our great friend - Peter Sinkevichi! Soon these photos of children leave their autographs players of FC "Chernomorets"! 


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