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The request for help addressed to us Nichiporuk mother Elizabeth, Elena.

Lisa was born on September 26, 2011 She is still a baby, but her serious look nedetskiy issues - she had to endure a lot of pain, fear and suffering!

Here is what Elena says:

Liza our second favorite and very long-awaited child. Our family was very happy - God has given us daughter. All was going well and we were on the seventh heaven: father, mother, son and daughter. All was going well until December 2011, I did not find her daughter hardening of the left side of the abdomen. Went to the hospital, the Iljichiovsk there daughter had an ultrasound and we heard a terrible diagnosis - Wilms' tumor. We were sent to Odessa on further examination. Alas, the diagnosis was confirmed.

Then faced a trip to the National Cancer Institute (Kiev). There, Dec. 29, Lisa held the first round of chemotherapy, and we left for home. On the third day after her daughter became ill with fever - 39.5 ° C, started shivering, convulsions. We called an ambulance, were in intensive care. Since then Lisa was only 3 months, we were sent to Odessa. In Odessa, with a delay of 3 days, my daughter began to undergo a course of chemotherapy. After each procedure, Lisa had complications: falling hemoglobin, a fever, allergy appeared, lethargy, weakness, were disturbed bowel function.

January 30, 2012 directly from the hospital we went to Kiev, there have passed all the necessary examinations. I wholeheartedly hope that my child will recover! But treatment need a very large sum of money! Believe that there are people who care and will help our family. "

Sincerely, Elena, mother Lisa.

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