Charitable foundation

How to get help

Attention for parents! With your child's happened a serious matter, and you decide to ask for help in our fund?


We want your child to be healthy! And will do our best to help you. Receiving documents and the application for assistance CF "Pchelka" based on the schedule: Tuesday and Thursday from 13 to 16 hours. Pre-registration by phone: (048) 798-39-40 and (098) 227-24-65.


For residents of Dnipropetrovsk region! Since February 11, 2014 opened a branch of the charity fund "Pchelka" in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. While emerging the branch of the fund took under his wing only patients of surgery oncology beds CRDCH, Dnepropetrovsk, st.  Kosmicheskaya, 13.

Over time, the help area will be expanded. Official representative-  Elena Volodina will act on behalf of the charity fund "Pchelka" on the basis of a notarized power of attorney.


Needed documents:


A written statement addressed to the president of CF "Pchelka" - Pavlenko E.V.

In the head  fill your information: surname, first name, middle name (in the genitive case). Address, registered address, if different from the residence. Their passport details, TIN, contact phone number.

The application itself - please help in raising funds for my child - enter the name, date of birth, when he/she was diagnosed, treatment, which surgeries were performed. As for the time of treatment varied health of the child. How much is the surgery or treatment, inability to pay for treatment study independently.

The statement must specify the following: "To search for charitable assistance do not mind the fact that information about the health of my child, including medical records and photographs will be used in the media, the Internet. Ensure to submit reports of all parallel raisings.

  • The life story of the child to be placed on the website. Our task - to tell people about your problem that permeates. Therefore, your letter should be sincere, lively story about what happened.
  • A copy of the birth certificate of the child (checked against the original). Shall be signed by "true copy."
  • A copy of the passport and tax parents (checked against the original). Shall be signed by "true copy."
  • The original or a copy of a certificate confirming the diagnosis (reference copy must be certified by the attending physician).
  • A copy of the disability certificate (checked against the original). Shall be signed by "true copy."
  • A copy of the invoice from the hospital, if it will be an expensive operation (cross-checked with the original).
  • Accounts of foreign clinics should be translated into Russian / Ukrainian language and certified translation agency.
  • An inquiry from about family status (the original).
  • Statement of income from employment of both parents for the last 6 months at the time of submission of documents (original).
  • Some photos of the child (preferably in electronic form, as it will be posted on the website of the fund).


The Fund may provide assistance in the form of informational social advertising, distribution of leaflets, posters, install boxes to collect donations in pharmacies, stores, etc. Set of documents must be sent by mail to: 65009, Ukraine, Odessa, Admiralskiy Avenue, 1B - 45 (this address is listed as legal) or bring to the office, the phone number of administrator (048) 798-39-40.


After receiving the documents, they fall to the advisory council of the Fund, who will examine the situation, makes a decision on the possibility of providing assistance.


For decision-making advisory council may request additional information (test results, pictures taken by magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography, and others.).


Terms of assistance:


CF "Pchelka" has as targeted assistance and assistance to hospitals (purchase of medicines and equipment), offices, a group of patients at the request of physicians in the form of buying expensive medicines, payment transactions, magnetic resonance or computed tomography, etc. The Fund does not transfer the funds collected at the hands of parents.


The Fund is not helping to pay for the treatment of alternative medicine. If the advisory council of the Fund decided to provide assistance to parents associated administrator of the Fund and invites to produce legal contract, which is signed by the Fund and the parents.


The Fund reserves the right to refuse assistance if:


  • documents provided in part or in their authenticity is in doubt;
  • expert commission of  Fund recognizes ineffective assistance (for example, the chosen method of treating or selected medication is not used for the treatment of this disease, or in this case cannot help);
  • petitioner refuses to communicate with the staff of the fund;
  • not actively involved in helping their child;
  • does not provide reports of all parallel fees;
  • did not return phone calls, emails, avoiding meeting;
  • does not provide the necessary information within three weeks.