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27 January 2014

23 and 24 January 2014, with the support of the education departments of Kiev and Primorsky regions, our fund held merry holidays for orphans and children in care. On holidays the children received gifts that were collected at pre-New Year action "Herringbone desires" in the network of supermarkets "Silpo". Thank artists Tutte and the Seine for a fun children's program and a good mood.

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Odessa region

Dima has acquired aplastic anemia. This is a very serious diagnosis. The treatment is long and expensive.

Almost a year Dima being treated at the Department of Hematology. During this time he made ​​friends with many children. 

Until recently, all the treatment took place on the "schedule", had all the necessary medicines. But aplastic anemia is very insidious. Today Dima need urgent bone marrow transplantation. The cost of such an operation in the clinic of Belorussia is about 170 000 dollars.



Lisa is the main treatment is completed. But, alas, the body girls introduced hepatitis B virus. Thank you to everyone who helped this cute girl! By necessity we'll still be paying for treatment.